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There have been 104 Imperatores Mochadiae in the more than two thousand years since the official founding of Mochadia. (77 Imperatores, 24 Imperatrices)

Related Titles


To be a Princeps/Principessa you must be either:

  • 1 degree of blood from the current imperator.
  • Married to someone 1 degree of blood from the current imperator.
  • Be a direct descendant of the current imperator.

The title is merely honorary and you do not get land.


Duces are royals within 3 degrees of blood from the current imperator. When a dux dies, the closest relative within three degrees of blood inherits the duchy. If there are no relatives eligible, then the duchy is governed by the local congress of counts. (This also happens temporarily if the current dux is too young.)


Comites are royals (descendants of Mochadius) who govern counties. County inheritance laws are the same as ducal inheritance, except that any royal can inherit.


Regales are anyone descended from Mochadius.

Registrum Imperatorum

  1. Mochadius
  2. Aorsaoq
  3. Leo
  4. Ynivlect
  5. Jnitepa
  6. Riuloe
  7. Iajn
  8. Eeyriu
  9. Zxir
  10. Riisorro
  11. Noly (Imperatrix)
  12. Ollo
  13. Orsix
  14. Utore
  15. Sluri
  16. Agejyj (Imperatrix)
  17. Uosjeac
  18. Erar
  19. Uarsaed
  20. Erihi (Imperatrix)
  21. (Sixth Cousin (f) Twice Removed of the previous imperator, the furthest jump in the history of Mochadia. Their common ancestor is Principessa Oatyiq, 10 Greats Granddaughter of the 29th Imperator Hraic, the closest direct ancestor imperator.)

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