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I played chess one day, thinking "Has hasbro released a MLP chess?", so I went to google and found this. I really, really, don't want to change the entire game, I just want to change the pieces. So I came up with My little version of this idea. Same rules, same pieces, just a different look.


WHITE-Mane 6, Princesses Celestia (K) and Luna (Q), Royal guard (Pawns) BLACK-Discorded Mane 6, Discord (K), and Chrysalis (Q), Changelings (Pawns)

  • Twilight - King's Bishop
  • Rarity - Queen's Bishop
  • Rainbow Dash - King's Knight
  • Fluttershy - Queen's Knight
  • Pinkie Pie - King's Rook
  • Applejack - Queen's Rook

(And discorded equivalent for black)

tl;dr: Unicorns are bishops, Pegasi are knights, and Earth Ponies are rooks. The Princesses are white's royalty, Discord and Queen Chrysalis for black.