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In some liberal interpretations of the concept, this squiggle is 'Mocha'. Yeah, don't ask.

Mocha is a thing. While many things are stuff, Mocha is not a stuff. Nay, Mocha is a being. How that differs from stuff, however, is left as an exercise to the reader. In a way, one may relate Mocha to Mochadius, just as one may relate Odysseus to somefuck other, but do not let those fools' contrived ramblings convince you that these two are the same, rather, it is more accurately said that they are spiritually connected, whatever the hell that means. Again, you should probably come up with your own interpretations of that, although this time (AHA!) I was slightly more cut-and-dry. Yes, this is rambling. You probably shouldn't read further than this point, although if you already have, it's the end anyway, so I suppose that that warning was moot.

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