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Mochadian: "The language the Galaxy speaks... well, at least Mochadia...". Mocha City has a special dialect, due to all of the Fluffian influence.


Mochadian 4 Alphabet
Letter Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll
Pronunciation (IPA) /ɑ/ /b/ /tʃ/ /d/ /ɛ/ /f/ /g/ /h/ /i/ /j/ /k/ /l/
Letter Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Xx Zz
Pronunciation (IPA) /m/ /n/ /o/ /p/ /kʷ/ /r/ /s/ /t/ /u/ /v/ /ks/ /z/
  • The ae digraph is pronounced /ai/, and the oe digraph is pronounced /oi/
  • The digraph ss is pronounced /ts/, and similarly, the digraph zz is pronounced /dz/
  • Two consecutive identical vowels are pronounced with a glottal stop between them
  • Vowels that have a circumflex and come before a t change the t to a glottal stop
  • Bh->β, Dh->ð, Fh->p̪, Gh->ɣ, Kh->x, Lh->l̥, Ph->ɸ, Qh->xʷ, Rh->r̥, Sh->ʃ, Th->θ, Vh->b̪, Xh->xs, Zh->ʒ
  • Ng->ŋ, Gn->ɲ


  • êt - and
  • ne - not
  • si - if
  • qar - because
  • o - or
  • ad - to
  • ab - from
  • In - in/into
  • ex - out of
  • usqe - until
  • -qe works like esperanto cxu, but suffixes the verb, which moves to the beginning of the sentence.
  • ût - like esperanto ke
  • mje - yes
  • nje - no
  • I - used to create the genitive when a genitive is not possible or not desired. (e.g. "konjugatio i esse")
  • bae - by
  • aeei! - Works like aloha and ciao
  • qovol? - Used like "How are you?", but probably closer to "What's happening?" (Some speakers actually pronounce this as /ɡ͡bol/ for whatever reason)
  • Waloerât! - Don't ever say this, but if someone says this to you, you run. Quickly.

Correlative shit

What That This All Some No
When Qa Da Dia Omna Aliqa Nieqa
How Qe De Die Omne Aliqe Nieqe
Why Qi Di Dii Omni Aliqi Nieqi
What Qo Do Dio Omno Aliqo Nieqo
Where Qu Du Diu Omnu Aliqu Niequ


Personally, I would rather have 1 be un and 2 be du, but with this system all the numbers are three letters long

  1. Oen
  2. Duo
  3. Tri
  4. Qor
  5. Pen
  6. Sex
  7. Seb
  8. Okt
  9. Nen
  10. Dek
  11. Dekoen
  12. Dekduo
  13. Dektri
  14. Dekqor/Deqor
  15. Dekpen
  16. Deksex/Dexex
  17. Dekseb/Dexeb
  18. Dekokt
  19. Deknen
  20. Duodek


1 2 3
NOM ik wi tu vu dât
ACC me us te ve das
DAT mi nus ti vus dam
GEN mei usi tei vei dae
VOC mût nût tût vût dût



"Rokêtes homonens portont terae ad khasm u rapidi."
"Rockets transport people from the earth to space quickly."

Aqae okidatio

"Aqae okidatio niagarae est aqae okidationis altissimi in tera."
"Niagara falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world."

Note also that the genitive case acts as an ablative case.

Normal Declension:

Singular Plural
Nom internêt internêtes
Acc internêten internêtens
Dat internêtem internêtems
Gen internêti internêtis

...or ending in a

Singular Plural
Nom luna lunae
Acc lunan lunaen
Dat lunam lunaem

...or ending in o

Singular Plural
Nom homo homones
Acc homon homonens
Dat homom homonems
Gen homoe homonis

...or ending in u

Singular Plural
Nom equ equa
Acc equn equan
Dat equm equam
Gen equi equae

...or ending in x

Singular Plural
Nom rex reges
Acc regen regens
Dat regem regems
Gen regi regis
  • Aer - air
  • Ager - farm
  • Aqa - water
  • Arbor - tree
  • Ark - bow
  • Arx - Fortress (Pl. arkes)
  • Bakul - Staff/Stick
  • Bov - cow
  • Divisio - division
  • Dom - house
  • Drakon - dragon
  • Dux - duke (Pl. dukes)
  • Elips - ellipse
  • Equ - horse
  • Flam - fire
  • Flor - flower
  • Fulgur - lightning
  • Fung - mushroom
  • Glaki - ice
  • Grip - griffon
  • Homo - man
  • Internêt - internet (Das anglae fuem kapto)
  • Kael - sky
  • Kafe - Coffee
  • Kan - dog
  • Kât - cat
  • Kom - hair
  • Komputor - (From the verb komput - to compute)
  • Lakt - milk
  • Lava - lava/magma
  • Liber - book
  • Lux - light (Pl. lukes)
  • Luna - moon
  • Man - hand
  • Moxadia - Mochadia
  • Nam - name
  • Nebula - cloud
  • Nix - snow (Pl. nives)
  • Or - mouth
  • Orbît - orbit
  • Os - bone
  • Ov - sheep
  • Ovo - egg
  • Ped - foot
  • Pluvia - rain
  • Port - port
  • Rokêt - rocket
  • Rex - king (Pl. reges)
  • Sagit - arrow
  • Serpent - snake
  • Sol - sun
  • Te - tea
  • Taur - bull
  • Tekst - text
  • Telefon - telephone
  • Tera - earth
  • Tur - tower
  • Khasm - hole


Time is written DMY, e.g.: "1 Ment Apolini 2000", or more briefly "1 APO 2000".

  • Des - day
  • Ment - month
  • Ano - year
  • East - Oriatio
  • West - Okidatio
  • North - Nord
  • South - Sud


  1. Apolini
  2. Kereri
  3. Veneri
  4. Terae
  5. Neptuni
  6. Venti
  7. Marti
  8. Plutoni
  9. Vulkani
  10. Iovi
  11. Lunae
  12. Soli
  13. Parvi (The little month)

Seasons: (Sasio)

  1. Satio (From the verb S, to sow. Yes, 's' is a word.)
  2. Messatio (From the verb Mess, to harvest)
  3. Inundatio (From the verb Inund, to flood)


Adjectives end in i. Comparative is formed by adding -ori, (e.g. boniori), superlative by -ssimi (e.g. bonissimi). Adverbs are formed by simply putting the word 'u' before an adjective.

  • Boni - good
  • Forti - strong
  • Magni - great

12 Core Colors:

  • Rubri - red
  • Orangi - orange
  • Flavi - yellow
  • Verdi - green
  • Kaeruli - blue
  • Purpuri - purple
  • Blanki - white
  • Gri - grey
  • Nixri - black
  • Bruni - brown
  • Beizhi - beige
  • Rozi - pink


Note: In the verbs, present participles are the same as the gerunds.

  • To be:

Esse Conjugation

Person 1st 2nd 3rd
Number S P S P
Imperfect fuerem fuerems fueres fueress fuerest
Perfect fuem fuems fues fuess fuest
Present em ems es ess est
Future erem erems eres eress erest
Imperative e
Imperfect Perfect Present Future
NOM fuerestio fuestio estio erestio
ACC fuerestion fuestion estion erestion
DAT fuerestiom fuestiom estiom erestiom
GEN fuerestii fuestii estii erestii

Thus, "My name is John" is "Mei nam est Jon"

  • To love: (A very typical conjugation)
Person 1st 2nd 3rd
Number S P S P
Imperfect Conjugation of esse + present
Perfect Conjugation of esse + present
Present amo amoss amos amoz amont
Future amero ameross ameros ameroz ameront
Imperative ame
Imperfect Perfect Present Future
NOM fuerestio am fuestio am amatio ameratio
ACC fuerestion am fuestion am amation ameration
DAT fuerestiom am fuestiom am amatiom ameratiom
GEN fuerestii am fuestii am amatii ameratii

Thus, "I love you" is "Ik amo te", "My love for you is strong" - "Mei amatio tei est forti"

  • To kill/die (sorry for confusion):
Person 1st 2nd 3rd
Number S P S P
Imperfect Conjugation of esse + present
Perfect Conjugation of esse + present
Present morto mortoss mortos mortoz mortont
Future mortero morteross morteros morteroz morteront
Imperative morte
Imperfect Perfect Present Future
NOM fuerestio mort fuestio mort mortio morteratio
ACC fuerestion mort fuestion mort mortion morteration
DAT fuerestiom mort fuestiom mort mortiom morteratiom
GEN fuerestii mort fuestii mort mortii morteratii

Thus, "Kill the horses" is "Morte eqoen", but "You died" is "Tu fues mortos". AKA "You was die"


  • To administrate: administr
  • To acceletate - akelero
  • To love/like: am
  • To walk: ambul
  • To war: beliger
  • To decelerate - dekelero
  • To draw: design
  • To destroy: destru
  • To speak/talk/say: dik
  • To give: don
  • To erect: erig
  • To make: fak
  • To fly: flug
  • To teach: instru
  • To go: it
  • To take: kapt
  • To construct: konstru
  • To run: kur
  • To launch: lanc
  • To read: leg
  • To light: lumin
  • To eat: manduk
  • Guess: masturb
  • To moderate: moder
  • To kill/die: mort
  • To swim/sail: nav
  • To fall: okid
  • To rise: ori
  • To pass: pass
  • To paint: pint
  • To be able to: pot
  • To procrastiate: prokrastin
  • To philosophize: prot
  • To reddit: redît
  • To rule: regn
  • To simplify: simplifik
  • To write: skrib
  • To know: ski
  • To weave: text
  • To calculate: xalkul
  • A male actor: [Infinitive]ator
  • A female actor: [Infinitive]atriks
  • A male actor: [Infinitive ending in t]or

To do

  • Add optative mood?

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