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General properties
Name, Symbol, Number Mochium, M, 121
Atomic weight 302
Electron configuration [Uuo] 8s2 8p1
Physical properties
Phase solid
Density (near room temperature) 8 g·cm−3
Melting point 1225 K, 952 °C, 1746 °F
Boiling point 3600 K, 3327 °C, 6512 °F
Atomic properties
Oxidation states +2, +3
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Mochium is the logical step down from Mochite. It is commonly found in the Mochium (II) Oxide ore, and is isolated fairly simply through two reactions:

MO + 2 HCl → MCl2 + H2O
MCl2 + 2 Na → M + 2 NaCl

Also, Mochium (II) Oxide is NOT the same as Mochite. Mochite just has... err... a mochium atom with a +3 oxidation state... yeah, totally!

It slices, it dices, it even oxidizes!:

2 M + O2 → 2 MO

Damned water:

M + H2O → MO + H2

It also forms less commonly as Mochium (II) Silicate (M3SiO5), Mochium (III) Silicate (M2SiO5), and Mochium (II) Carbonate (MCO3).

Part of:

  • Mochite MO-
  • Mochate MO2-
  • Permochate MO3-


Although it does so slowly, Mochium does decay.

302M → 298Uue → 294Uus → 290Uup → 286Uut → 282Rg → 278Mt → 274Bh → 270Db → 266Lr → S.F.