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Complex plot of μx. The fractal is contained within a circle of radius 1 from the origin.

Here are the fundamental laws of the wiki. These govern how articles materialize from the aether to this site. This can be calculated quickly using MochOS' app.

How this wiki gets it's information

Before we begin, let μ0=0 and k=1.

  1. It starts out as the equation
    \mu_{n+1}=(2i\mu_n+3^k)\mod 5
  2. this means μx=...
    1. 3
    2. -2+i
    3. 1+i
    4. 1+2i
    5. -1+2i
    6. -1-2i
    7. 2-2i
    8. 2-i
    9. -i
    10. 0
  3. Change the equation to the following:
    \mu_{n+1}=(2i\mu_n+3)\mod 10
  4. Continue repeating. After i iterations, take all the output and convert it to binary. Put each number end to end. This number is nu. Use this formula until you get a 7 digit binary number:
  5. Convert the 7 digit binary number to an ascii character. For the next character, k++.
  6. Continue doing this for all the characters.

Mathematical Laws of the Laws

The First law of the laws states that:
0=0_2 \and 1=1_2 \and 2=10_2 \and 3=11_2 \and 4=100_2 \and 5=101_2 \and 6=110_2 \and 7=111_2 \and 8=1000_2 \and 9=1001_2
The Second law of the laws states that:
The Third law of the laws states that:
The Fourth law of the laws states that:
The Fifth law of the laws states that:
The Sixth law of the laws states that:

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